2014 Marketing Technology Summit

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2016 Speakers:

8:15 Forward/Registration/Coffee/Exhibits

8:50 – 9:00 AM Welcome

9:00 – 9:45 AM Keynote

John Foley, Jr.

50 “Ah Ha!” Marketing Innovations and Ideas

John Foley, Jr., interlinkONE / Grow Socially


This is a fast-paced, high energy presentation, in which marketing subject matter expert, John Foley, will share useful tips and innovated ideas that can be implemented immediately. This session will help you uncover new ideas that other companies are piloting today, explore whether any of those ideas might be “do-able” at your company, and identify ways in which you might get them started.

When it comes to imagining the future, many companies are hesitant to embrace open innovation, not fully realizing the benefits of harnessing creativity and inventiveness from both inside and outside their businesses. In this session, we will explore a "parade of ideas" --an extraordinarily diverse collection of innovative programs, products, and projects that companies are putting into action or testing.

This presentation will feature 50 ideas and innovations. Come prepared to "steal and tweak" ideas from this presentation that you can take home. You will be invited to share your own ideas and discuss innovation projects at your company, too.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to take advantage of the tools and technology that you currently have access to.
  • The importance of staying current and ahead of your customers
  • New marketing ideas that inspire and motive you to improve your own marketing efforts, and take a more strategic approach to helping their clients marketing efforts.
  • How to differentiate yourselves from the competition.
John Foley, Jr.

John Foley, Jr., CEO & President,
interlinkONE / Grow Socially

Recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as the 15th Most Influential CMO on Social Media, John is president and CEO of Boston based interlinkONE, CEO and CMO of sister company Grow Socially, and an expert on SaaS, social media, and inbound marketing. John and his companies use a combination of marketing communications software and consulting services to help organizations nationwide increase revenue through lead generation, strategy, and planning. He has written countless educational resources including white papers and ebooks, and he is a published author of 4 books.

10:00 – 10:45 AM General Session

Harry J.Gold

Search Engine Marketing Success for B2B

Harry J. Gold, Founder & CEO, Overdrive Interactive


For many marketers in B2B, SEM success that yields a viable cost per lead or a high volume of quality leads can be elusive. Click volume can be low, click costs can be very high, and lead quality can be questionable. So the most has to be made out of every click you pay for. The key is NOT a magical algorithm. Typically for most B2B companies there is an extremely small set of keywords that describe their products and solutions. Therefore, the key is to figure out how you can afford to dominate and be at the TOP for all these terms and maximize conversions while maintaining quality. Join us for a session where Overdrive Interactive CEO, Harry J. Gold, shares Overdrive's proven secrets for SEM success in the B2B arena.

You will learn and see:

  • How to approach B2B search with the right strategy
  • How to formulate the right offers
  • The anatomy of a great landing page
  • How to optimize conversion rates and lead quality
  • How to measure the whole value of paid search
  • How to integrate paid search and marketing automation
  • Real case studies showing true success
Harry J.Gold

Harry J. Gold, Founder & CEO,
Overdrive Interactive

Harry J. Gold is Founder & CEO of Overdrive Interactive, an award winning digital marketing firm in Boston, Massachusetts that has served top companies such as Harley-Davidson, Samsonite, GE, Topps, Bazooka Candy Brands, Dow Jones, John Hancock, AXA, Principal Financial, AAA, AIG, EMC, the Rockettes and IBM. Harry’s primary mission is to create innovative online marketing programs and to share the strategies and tactics behind those programs with both Overdrive’s clients and the world.

10:45 – 11:00 AM Refreshment Break with the Exhibitors

11:00 AM – 11:45 AM General Session

Glenn Gaudet

Engaging Employees in the Marketing Ecosystem

Glenn Gaudet, President & Founder of GaggleAMP Inc.


Too many companies spend a significant amount of time, money and resources developing a marketing and messaging strategy that fails to provide support at the individual employee level. Employees are at the front line of communications with prospects & customers. Employees are beacons for your marketing message and too often underutilized in this regard. Join Glenn as he explores the power of employee advocacy, practical do’s and don’ts along with best practices.

You will learn:

  • How to evaluate whether an employee advocacy program can help your organization.
  • How to get executive buy-in on implementing a program
  • What kind of content do employees need and want to share
  • How to partner with other corporate groups to insure success
  • What kind or engagement strategies employees should take part in
  • What issues to consider for global companies
  • How to measure and manage the success of an employee advocacy program
Glenn Gaudet

Glenn Gaudet, President & Founder,
GaggleAMP Inc.

Glenn Gaudet is the President & Founder of GaggleAMP Inc. The leading provider of content amplification and engagement solutions. Gaudet brings over 25 years of comprehensive experience in both strategic and product marketing for technology and media companies ranging from startups to billions in sales. Prior to GaggleAMP, Gaudet was the Chief Marketing Officer at two different companies including Pulvermedia, an integrated media company that specialized in the voice and video industries. As CMO, Gaudet was responsible for all aspects of branding as well as marketing for the entire portfolio which included event, online and print products. As President of GaggleAMP, Gaudet leads a the innovative and strategic vision of the company serving a global customer base.

11:50 – 12:35 PMGeneral Session

Dave Frankland

7 Ways to Boost Digital Marketing with Micro Moments

Dave Frankland, Chief Strategy Officer, Selligent


Micro-moments are the short bursts of attention the hyper-connected consumer have on mobile devices to buy, search, watch, or locate something. In this session, Dave will provide the audience with tips to take advantage of these micro-moments and capture your customer's attention at the right time and place

Dave Frankland

Dave Frankland, Chief Strategy Officer,

Dave has more than two decades of experience as a strategist and thought leader. As Selligent’s Chief Strategy Officer, Dave is responsible for corporate development and strategy. He heads the company’s strategic committee which oversees the company’s consumer-first marketing vision and aligns internal resources to make the vision a reality. Previously, Dave was a Vice President, Research Director, and award-winning analyst at Forrester Research, where he co-launched Forrester’s Customer Intelligence practice. He was also VP of Corporate Communications at DoubleClick, prior to its acquisition by Google. Dave grew up in Dublin, Ireland and received his bachelor’s degree from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and master’s degrees from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Stirling in Scotland. He lives in Florida with his wife and two children.

12:35 – 1:15 Lunch/Exhibits/Networking

1:15 – 2:00 Concurrent Sessions

John Foley, Jr. Karen DeWolfe

Using Social Media to Generate Sales Effectively

John Foley, Jr., CEO & President, interlinkONE / Grow Socially

Karen DeWolfe, Vice President, Sales, interlinkONE / Grow Socially


Why do many businesses find it impossible to generate ROI using social media? It’s because they aren’t doing it correctly! This “can’t-miss” session will share the do’s and don’ts for using social media EFFECTIVELY including how to find sales prospects online and proactively engage them. Social media prospecting can be a game-changing marketing strategy to re-define a company’s sales cycle and boost revenue. “The trick” is: selecting the proper software platform, having a strategic plan in place, and starting with a solid understanding of social media engagement tactics to easily target and identify qualified sales leads. Through real-world examples and case studies, this session will demonstrate the true value of social media marketing and prospecting, and how to attain significant ROI!

What you will learn:

  • The difference between “social marketing” and “social prospecting;” why you need to be doing BOTH, and how to effectively balance the two strategies
  • Methods for finding sales prospects on social media sites
  • Why choosing the correct software platform is crucial
  • Tactics for engaging and interacting with prospects on various social platforms
  • The re-defined sales process with an emphasis on social media
  • Past success stories: organizations from a variety of industries that have used social media to generate sales and prove a substantial ROI
John Foley, Jr.

John Foley, Jr., CEO & President,
interlinkONE / Grow Socially

Recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as the 15th Most Influential CMO on Social Media, John is president and CEO of Boston based interlinkONE, CEO and CMO of sister company Grow Socially, and an expert on SaaS, social media, and inbound marketing. John and his companies use a combination of marketing communications software and consulting services to help organizations nationwide increase revenue through lead generation, strategy, and planning. He has written countless educational resources including white papers and ebooks, and he is a published author of 4 books.

Karen DeWolfe

Karen DeWolfe, Vice President Sales
interlinkONE / Grow Socially

Karen has 20 years of experience in B2B marketing, including significant experience in direct marketing, print/fulfillment, response management, and marketing automation. In 2000, she joined interlinkONE and is currently responsible for the company’s day-to-day sales and operations including, demand generation and management, marketing program management, and direct/indirect sales. During her extensive marketing career, she has assisted several Fortune 500 organizations with the automation and management of their multi-million dollar marketing initiatives. @KarenLoueez

Erik Newton

SEO Technology for Savvy Marketers

Erik Newton, Vice President Marketing Demand Generation, BrightEdge


You count on quality data to make good business decisions, but did you ever wonder where exactly the data comes from? SEO is the largest traffic channel for most companies, so good SEO data is a priority. In this session Erik Newton, Vice President of Demand Generation at BrightEdge will explain how the search engines crawl the web and sort and store the data AND how SEO platforms aggregate, convert, and present data to make it useful to marketers.

Erik Newton

Erik Newton, Vice President Marketing Demand Generation,

Erik Newton, Vice President Marketing Demand Generation is based in Silicon Valley and has worked in marketing and tech for more than 20 years at companies, including Dentsu, Adobe, Netflix, TiVo, and BrightEdge.

2:10 – 2:50 Concurrent Sessions

Mark Rafferty

ReThink Marketing Automation

Mark Rafferty, Regional Manager of Sales, Act-On Software, Inc.


Top-performing marketing leaders understand the need to allocate their time and resources across the entire spectrum of marketing, acknowledging that an effective marketing strategy goes well beyond just driving demand for sales.

You will learn:

  • In this session you will learn more about
  • The evolving buyer’s journey and shift in marketing focus
  • How marketing leaders are allocating team resources & budget
  • The most important KPIs for marketing leaders
  • Extending marketing automation beyond demand
Mark Rafferty

Mark Rafferty, Regional Manager of Sales,
Act-On Software, Inc.

Mark Rafferty, Regional Manager of Sales, Act-On Software, Inc. has extensive experience in the Email and Digital Marketing Arena, successfully counseling his clients on Email Best Practices, Lead Generation, Brand Building and Marketing and Sales Alignment.

He has helped guide the Sales and Marketing efforts of Email Database provider, FreshAddress, Marketing Analytics Consultants, The Relevate Group and Marketing Automation Innovator, Act-On Software.

Dennis Kelly

Outbound Email – How To Stay Out Of The Spam Folder & Generate Leads

Dennis Kelly, CEO, Boingnet


The complex, arcane and constantly changing email deliverability landscape has made it very easy for legitimate marketers to be labeled as spammers. As a result, many email & marketing automation platforms have implemented very restrictive terms of service, effectively eliminating outbound email from the marketing playbook. This session will dive into details on how email deliverability works, and will show concrete steps marketers can take to use outbound email as an effective lead generation tool while minimizing risk to their sender reputations.

Dennis Kelly

Dennis Kelly, CEO,

Dennis Kelly, CEO Boingnet, a local software startup that helps direct marketers, agencies and print service providers develop highly effective multi-channel campaigns. He’s been founding, managing and financing Boston area tech firms for over 25 years that have focused on both B2B and B2C audiences. Dennis is a regular presenter at New England and national marketing conferences as well as Boingnet’s webinar series.

3:00 – 3:45 Concurrent Sessions

Lauren Vargas

Reimagining the Digital Ecosystem

Lauren Vargas, Chief Technology Officer, Aetna


Just like cities on a map, we are building destinations online. We are building and designing these online structures for organizations, not humans. Is your organization building an online city packed with diversity and green spaces for socializing and community placemaking or a sprawling collage of unrelated apps and outdated microsites? Learn how classic urban planning principles may be applied to the building and design of your marketing technology stack. Lauren Vargas, Chief Marketing Technologist at Aetna, will share how her team is reimagining the needs, challenges, and desires of a functional digital ecosystem.

Lauren Vargas

Lauren Vargas, Chief Technology Officer,

By day, Lauren Vargas is the Head (Mad Hatter) of Marketing Technology and Operations for a Fortune 50 company and named by The Economist Intelligence Unit as one of the top 25 social business leaders: http://live.wavecast.co/socialbusinessleaders/top-25/. She is based in Boston, Massachusetts and by night, she is an insomniac devouring dystopian fiction. And somewhere in a parallel universe, Vargas found a way to stop time and graduate from Harvard in June 2014 with a Masters of Liberal Arts, Museum Studies and now pursuing a PhD in museum studies.

Vargas is a digital and community management strategist and multi-faceted communications professional with experience in internal and external corporate communications, governmental affairs and community relations. As a professional and adjunct university instructor, she assists organizations and students engage with the communities they serve by fostering authentic relationships built on trust through conversations and participatory media.

Aaron Dun

How Content-Enabled Campaigns are Improving Conversion Rates at Key Stages of the Funnel

Aaron Dun, SVP Marketing, SnapApp


Campaigns fueled by compelling content are not only driving better basic metrics like open and click through rates, they are also proving to be more cost-efficient in converting and accelerating the flow of qualified leads.

In this session, you’ll learn how your peers are driving engagement and campaign conversion results with interactive, conversational content - and how you can do the same.

Aaron Dun

Aaron Dun, SVP Marketing,

Aaron Dun drives marketing and strategy for SnapApp. He has nearly 20 years of experience running marketing programs for high growth venture funded companies and larger publicly traded global organizations. In addition to building highly visible technology brands, he has focused on connecting marketing performance to sales achievement through the use of innovative content marketing, inbound marketing, and social media strategies.

Prior to SnapApp, Aaron served as the CMO for Intronis before being acquired by Barracuda Networks. He has played a leadership role in the marketing success behind Percussion Software, Ness Technologies, Lionbridge Technologies and Softscape.

3:55 – 4:40 Concurrent Sessions

Tushneem Dharmagadda

Marketing Internally with Mobile Apps, in Order to Sell Externally

Tushneem Dharmagadda, CEO, Mobinett & hubEngage


Learn how to effectively sell internally to your employees, vendors and stakeholders, in order to effectively sell externally to your customers. See the amazing results you can achieve by implementing robust employee communication and proven engagement tactics using mobile apps that deliver personalized experiences, based on segmentation, location, past behavior, rich analytics and more. Watch a large enterprise retail case study on how next-generation app platforms are being used to engage employees, vendors, partners and even customers, to become brand advocates.

Tushneem Dharmagadda

Tushneem Dharmagadda, CEO,
Mobinett & hubEngage

Tushneem Dharmagadda is CEO of hubEngage. With over 13 years of experience leading organizations and taking software products from concept to market, Tushneem engages with clients to develop their mobile communication strategy and implement hubEngage in their enterprise. Connect with Tushneem @ in/Tushneem and follow @Tushneem.

Jeff Selig

The Ultimate SEO Dashboard for CMOs

Jeff Selig, Director of Analytics & Optimization, Overdrive Interactive


Learn how to create an SEO dashboard that will captivate and educate CMOs and reveal true value and ROI of SEO
CMOs, do you want to know what SEO elements you should be keeping an eye on? SEO professionals, want to make your SEO program results command high-level interest and support? Learn how to create an SEO dashboard that will captivate and educate CMOs to reveal the true value and ROI of SEO. Join Jeff Selig, VP Media, Search, and Analytics at Overdrive Interactive for a session where he will share his proven BrightEdge dashboard that dazzles CMOs and makes heroes out of SEO pros.

In this session you will learn:

  • What SEO metrics management really cares about
  • How to report so management values SEO and it’s tangible results
  • How to improve your fact-based storytelling
  • How to secure more resources for SEO programs
Tushneem Dharmagadda

Jeff Selig, Director of Analytics & Optimization,
Overdrive Interactive

As Director of Analytics and Optimization at Overdrive Interactive Jeff is responsible for creating strategies, tactics and technologies that drive the success of the agency’s clients and especially their SEO programs. Jeff has over 20 years of search and online marketing experience and during his time at Overdrive has served top companies including Dell/EMC, Akamai, Software AG, AIG, Boston University, Dow Jones, John Hancock, Principal Financial Group, RBS Citizens Bank and Sun Life Financial.

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